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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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4:00 a.m.. anwhile slightly heavier rain here some yellows showing up and basically that's what we're expecting. south and ate of boston those are the areas that could see some of the heavier downpours here in the next couple hours. another one heading right towards ptown. you add all up this we have had already over an inch, to inch half over in the cape and islands. on the order of about two inches of rain this is a good soaker. wake up temperatures tomorrow will be below freezing. rain will be gone by the time you head back to work. with temperatures like look out for some wet spots. again, should be drying out though by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. time out the rain when the coldest air drives coming up in just a few minutes snooze you a mention rob will continue to track this storm throughout the newscast. in the morning shiri spear has you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. you can log onto the free fox 25 weather app for the live radar.
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>> in just a few hours this woman will be arraigned on kidnapping charges. fox 25 was the first to report her arrest in a hamilton toddler case. it looked like the family of the victim may be spending some time away from the crime crime scene based on some of the activity we've seen around the home today? >> reporter: elizabeth, little lyndon was released from the hospital today. tonight she is safe and sound with her mom and dad all is quiet at the family home. they have decided to stay elsewhere tonight. they have certainly been through a lot. police say lyndon was kidnapped, and tortured by her former baby-sitter. the young woman seen here in front of a group of friends at a summer camp is the same person who will soon be seen in fronts of a judge. 21-year-old abigail hannah will be arraigned on monday accused of kidnapping and torturing an innocent little girl.
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hannah lives in topsfield. before that she lived in connecticut. and attended a christian high school. with videos and photos, hannah created the impression of a happy well adjusted young woman. the question remains what led her to do the horrible things she's accused of. in the early hours of friday morning, investigators believe hannah broke into the home and snatched little lyndon while she was sleeping. lyndon's parents realized she was gone around seven will be that morning and quickly notified police. a few hours later a couple found lyndon in a pile of leaves on the side of the road in the town about eight miles away. lyndon was naked, her head had been shaved, and she had a large bruise on her head. it appeared the 2-year-old girl had been hurt and they say abigail hannah is responsible. we are still working right now to learn how long abigail hannah baby sat for
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they let her go. it's hard to believe that her being fired would lead to all of this. but we should know pretty much the entire motive and what police believe triggered this tomorrow when she appears in court. fox 25 will be in the courtroom tomorrow when that happens. reporting live in hamilton tonight's, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> ted, thank you. which want to run down the major questions we hope will arraignment. first of all what was the motive behind this crime? why did the suspect end up in the emergency room, what is the reason her employment with the victim's family had tompd fox 25 will stream tomorrow's arraignment on-line. of course stay with fox 25 for continuing coverage of the toddler kidnapping case. both on air and on-line at >> since the top of our 10:00 newscast we've been updating you on the breaking news out of new orleans where at least 10 people have been shot faye park.
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a national news outlet is reporting that the gunfire erupt the during after an some pictures from the scene you're looking at here. earlier in the newscast we do know about the parade but not the after party. which now also appears this violence appears to be gang related. we don't know if anyone hit has been critically hurt. developing at this hour a series of raids in brussels ends with 16 people detained. still on the loose. >> reporter: high tension in brussels late sunday with belgian security forces closing off streets loudly telling people to stay away from certain areas. >> during a show the police fired two shots. driver and man was hurt and arrested. >> reporter: hundreds of troops are out in force here conducting a series of raids hunting for terror suspects and taking at least 16 people into custody.
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>> investigating just tomorrow. >> they are still hunting for at least one terror terrorist attacker. the bull gum governor met to discuss -- belgium governor met to discuss and they have chosen to keep brussels on the highest state of alert. >> we're fearing a similar attack to that which took place in paris involving several individuals who sever different locations at the same time. >> reporter: on monday schools, the subway system and many restaurants and business also remain shut down. meantime the investigation into the attacks on paris continue. french police printing out this photo of a man they say took parts in the attacks. they're hoping the public will help identify him. all of this as premp issued this warning to isis sunday. >> president obama: we will hunt down their leadership we will dismantle their networks and their supply lines and we will ultimately destroy them. >> reporter: even as a growing coalition effort to target isis with air strikes is ongoing president obama's
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strategy continues to be questioned french members of his own party. >> we need a specific larger special operations plan. >> reporter: in turkey, this 26-year-old belgian that has been suspected of helping isis with the attacks in paris is now in police custody. in russia, special forces say they tracked and killed 11 isis militants in southern russia. back neither belgium the government saying that the ongoing terror alert is due to a serious and iment in threat. in belgium, benjamin hall, fox news. >> the young man from sharon palestinian terrorist was laid to rest today. in attendance friends, family and mourners who numbered more than 1,000. also their police screening for security after a death that was so devastating and politically charged. >> the mourners came by the thousands. grief stricken and angry. from him. they just took it away from him. he had so much more to give, so much and everyone -- like
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they just stole it >> reporter: this report from sharon mass but had travelled to israel for a gap year of learning. >> we got hit really hard. it's not a freak accident that's the thing, it's not. on purpose and he happened to be there. it's not fair. life ahead of him. >> reporter: according to relatives he was on his way to deliver food to soldiers when a palestinian terrorist opened fire with a submachine-gun at cars stuck in traffic just south of jerusalem in the west bank. >> this is an 18-year-old kid who really was going to soldiers. what's going on over there had to stop. the world really needs to come out and condemn what's going on over there. >> it's really hard for us. terrorist affects everybody. >> reporter: to the grief stricken ezra's death speaks to a community, a country and a belief under attack. but on this day they were
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here to support a family who again. >> he was just a goof ball. he made everyone feel happy close. >> according to media outlets in israel other americans were wounded in that attack and treated at hospitals there. despite the attack, and other violence that has broken outis in real, many at the service in sharon say they will not be detoured from travelling there. >> on monday members of boston's community the ad they're most upset about says "since 2000, israel's military has killed one palestinian child every three days using u.s. tax dollars. the t says the ad will be allowed to stay. according to the globe the current guidelines only ban political ads about specific campaign candidates but they are now planning to ban all future political ads. three of the weapons stolen from the worcester armory have now been found missing. a homeless man collecting
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trash bag. last week police arrested james walter morales in new york for the threat. a massive mile in hyde park is still under investigation tonight's because firefighters still can't get into the home basement because of the water. there that fire started on saturday night and quickly grew to four alarms. several people, including two kids and a firefighter were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. that home is a total loss. a new hampshire man is now at mass general following a however -- horrific crash in the bare bean. >> fox 25's malini basu spoke with his daughter about the nightmare that has been the past four days. >> reporter: the popular business owner is now back in the state here in boston. family members managed to get an air ambulance for him to come back starting tomorrow. a team of doctors will start working on him. >> reporter: keene, new hampshire father of five and
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nearly died in a freak znt in st. martens. john benny's daughter slard the story with fox 45. >> his entire pelvis was crushed, his pelvic girdle is crushed. broken four ribs. >> reporter: john was fixing up a few things on his boat as he was getting ready to sell it. he had was headed back to shore on a dinghy when a speedboat him him and dragged him. >> i guess the speedboat didn't stop until someone on board realized that they were dragging him under the boat. >> reporter: relatives tell fox 25 doctors in the caribbean weren't equipped to handle his level of trauma and that he needed to get back to the u.s. as soon as possible. >> he's gone to need a lot of surgery. this very to repair his entire pelvis. john is the popular owner of elm extreme market. now his wife is by his
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ready for surgery after surgery. >> it's overwhelming. it's really overwhelming. but we're doing the best we can. we do it together. >> reporter: relatives tell us they couldn't do it without the help of family and friends. the air ambulance alone cost them $25,000. relatives say none of that matters right now. they just want their loved one to gt better. for now in keene, new hampshire, tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. radar right now tracking moderate to heavy rain around hingham moving east. i'll use future cast in a couple minutes to time out when this rain comes to an end and when the coldest air of the season arrives. >> a clerk fights off a would-be robber this afternoon. the reason this store worker knew exactly what to do. for the first 9-1-1 calls a shelter in place in the end one victim.
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nan usual. at 5:00. >> screams for help then shots fired. tonight a neighborhood in norton is recovering from a standoff which resulted in the death of a man holed up inside a house. it happened on this azalea road around 10:30 last night. police responded to 9-1-1 calls. they returned fire and were treated the swat team was brought. in when officers got inside
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to call is routine. unfortunately someone had to die in the process. police say the woman managed to get out of the house and was not hurt. a clerk who was not afraid to defend himself that was a brave move crystal haynes. that suspect is still out there on the loose tonight. after attempting to hold up he took off in a white s.u.v. does not before being scared off by this clerk. prizen and in broad daylight. this man seen here in surveillance video threatening the clerk with what looks like a needle.
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object. walpole planes say it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon pulling a baseball bat from behind the counter and scaring the would-be robbers away. enough is enough sometimes. >> he's glad the clerk stood up for himself. >> he did the right thing. sometimes that's what you got to do. i did speak with this clerk. he also tells me that while he's shaken up here he has been through other robberies before. i was kind of impressed that he was there and he took up for it. tonight his customers are applauding his bravery. it's sad that people resorted to this but i was glad he was able to be there and protect themselves. >> all right so this suspect is described as a white man 5'10" wearing a dark gray hoodie. if you have any information you are asked to contact pal
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crystal haynes, fox 25 news. on video today in boston you can see those flames actually leaping from that car. boston firefighters put that fire out quickly. no one was injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation and traffickings delighted for an hour. >> saturday at 11:00 a.m. a service for the 2-year-old will be held the case began in june when were body was found in a bag on deer island and appeared to have washed ashore. two months ago the mom and boyfriend were arrested. bella's mother charged as an accessory. both have pleaded not guilty.
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he admits he killed colleen ritzer and needs psychological help. the jury saw surveillance video of chism following ritzer in a bathroom then removing her body in a trash considerable. >> officers also testified about the state of ritzer's body when they found it. >> a beverly man is now facing murder charges after police say he strangled his estranged wife a week ago. 45-year-old edith black herer passed alast last night. he's being held without bail will be back in court on monday. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. which have 47 right now in nantucket but 39 in worcester. if scpluk stand back at the map you can also almost get an idea of exactly what is happening. side where the two meet you
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where the sleet is mixed in. right now that's happening from lowell down to concord mass. heads up to the folks in lexington. in the next couple minutes all this moving east. so far for most of the evening heavier rain will be basically out in the cape and the islands in parts of the south shore. know just one shower pops up. that is exception not the rule by par far. in fact, out just barely to our south got a big big batch of widespread heavy rain. kind of hugging the coast bringing the wet weather. all that will start to wind down. just as it does temperature also start to drop down into
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the mid-30s. 41 in boston well up into the 40s for the cape and islands. no worries about wintry weather there. folks in beverly, lawrence, bedford nor wold will be dropping to the mid-30s right at about the time the rain starts to come to an end. next couple hours between 495, 128 could see just a pellet or two of sleet or some snow mixed in. and do not worry because all this will be long gone. now the only exception is look at the temperatures here a lot of spots at or below the freezing mark. it's likely monday night into tuesday we'll see some of the coldest weather of the season so far. big drop in temperatures
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coming between today and tomorrow. 41 for a high temperature. it will be breezy though that will make you feel colder. really will never feel like it's it on of the 30s. wake up temperatures down into the 20s some spots down into the teens. good news is we will see a gradual warmup just in time for the upcoming holiday. temperaturewise normal about 52 we should be a little bit above that in thanksgiving with highs in the mid-50s. weekend always in view. next chance of rain coming on saturday. >> rallying against deer
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>> too much be give out some turkey and other he told fox 25 today is about helping those in need. we have been trying to help out any way we can in the community especially in the military community where we have. >> he says that the holidays are some of the toughest times of the year for military families. the first session of
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controlled deer hunting is start to start next week. in october they announced a plan for two two day hunting sessions. the hunt is getting a lot of backlash. hundreds of thousands of people families come in here people hike, people bike it's a place for the public. it's not a place for hunting. they were hunters but but didn't support this first day of the hunt. i don't knowy the always dawns on me as the last person but today i went you know what i need to be wearing a jacket. it's going to be really cold the next couple of days.
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welcome on board. the rain will be long gone by then but if the roads haven't completely dried out do look for an icy spot. i know wednesday is a big travel day did want to bring that up. near 60. >> thank you rob, thank you for joining first he's tom "sportswrap". >> the patriots had a chance to sit back and watch the football this afternoon. we'll get you caught up. the celtics in brooklyn tonight apparently in a very giving mood. we're looking forward to the monday night matchup at gillette. patriots and bills tomorrow. butch stearns joins me for that. fenway park. the fox 25 "sportswrap" is next. things off.
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